Privacy Policy

At, we understand the importance of protecting our customers’ personal data and are dedicated to doing so in accordance with applicable laws in the countries where we operate. We want all users, members, and visitors to our website to be aware of their rights and options when it comes to their privacy. To this end, we have created this Privacy Policy which outlines how we collect, store, use, or share information when you use our services. This includes details about what data is collected and how it may be used for specific purposes such as creating a personalized user experience, sending promotional emails or offers, improving customer service activities, and other functions that improve your overall experience with us. We also want to ensure that individuals can access their own data and make requests for changes if required. Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring that any collected data remains secure against accidental leakage or unauthorized access by third parties. By staying informed about our Privacy Policy and taking advantage of the available options for looking after your personal information when using our services, you can trust that your privacy is always respected with us.

What Information Do We Collect?

We at are committed to collecting, storing and using personal data in a responsible and secure way that meets the applicable laws and regulations. To ensure that our users know exactly what information we collect, how it is used and stored, as well as who may have access to it, this part of our Privacy Policy provides all the details they need.

Location: As part of our service offering, we are able to identify a user’s geographical location in order to show them the geographically closest offers based on their current location. This helps us improve customer experience by ensuring they always get the best deals available nearby.

Server Log Information: Whenever someone uses our website, we store various pieces of information about their visit in the server log for statistical and security purposes. This includes but isn’t limited to their login information; date and time of visits; pages viewed; IP address; other websites immediately before or after visiting ours; the amount of time spent on our website etc. This helps us better understand user behaviour on our website which then allows us to make improvements where necessary.

Device Information: In addition to this, we also collect certain device-specific information such as hardware model, operating system version, web browser being used (e.g Chrome or Firefox), as well as any other device identifiers that help us identify a user’s device when accessing or using our services.

Telemetry Information: We also collect telemetry data on user devices such as download and upload speeds; free & used storage space available; other statistics related to device usage etc., all with the purpose of helping us improve performance levels with increased awareness into any issues that may arise while they use our services.

Information from Monitoring Technologies: To gain more detailed insights into visitor behaviour while they are using our website, we employ the use of cookies & web beacons in combination with a variety of other technologies. Cookies are small files stored on a visitor’s device upon visiting a website which then allows us to collect information such as their device type & settings; IP address; types & versions of browsers being used; pages viewed or features visited/used within a website or mobile app; amount of time spent on each page/feature etc.; mobile devices used while accessing the site plus any relevant clicked links etc,. Web beacons similarly allow for monitoring of user behaviour while onsite or through emails sent out by us so that we can track content engagement levels among recipients for effective marketing purposes.

At, we remain dedicated to adhering to principles regarding proper storage and use of this personal data which include but aren’t limited to complying with legal stipulations & honesty combined with improving customer service quality & identifying errors where necessary whilst duly sharing with third parties in accordance with provisions made within this Privacy Policy document itself so that users can be sure their data will always remain safe and secure whilst under our watchful eye.


Cookies are a type of small data file stored on your computer or device when you browse websites. They allow the website to remember your preferences and settings as you navigate through pages, as well as enhance the site’s functionality. If you choose to adjust the settings of your internet browser to disable cookies, it is important to understand how it may affect website performance and user experience.

For Google Chrome users, here is a general guide for disabling cookies: open up Chrome and click “Settings” in the menu bar at the top right corner. In the Privacy and Security section, click “Content Settings”, then select “Cookies”. From here, users can select whether they would like to completely disable all cookies or if they would like to block third-party cookies only. However, by disabling cookies on our website, certain features may be unavailable or limited; therefore we recommend taking caution when doing so as it may lead to reduced functionality while using our online casino services.

For Safari users, open Safari preferences by clicking “Safari” in the top left corner of your computer screen. Under Privacy tab, select Block All Cookies radio button and click Done to save changes. Keep in mind that disabling cookies can mean that some websites will not function properly anymore, which could include missing content or data that does not display correctly. This could also restrict access to certain areas of a website or application.

For Firefox users, launch Firefox and click “Menu” icon located at top right corner of your screen. Then click Options followed by Privacy & Security tab located at left side panel of opened window. Here under History option change it from “Remember history” to “Use custom settings for history” and uncheck Accept cookies box to disable them completely or set an expiration date for them based on individual needs. There might be times when users need more information about the specific website’s cookie policy; in this case they should visit the relevant page on the website where all necessary information is provided in detail with easy-to-follow steps outlined for both enabling and disabling cookies on their device or browser type depending upon individual needs and preferences.

It is important for users to be aware that disabling all types of cookie tracking can cause certain parts of a web page not to load properly or even prevent access to certain areas without them being enabled again first. Therefore it is always recommended that users double-check these settings before attempting any changes – just in case there are any specific elements within a particular website that require these types of data files in order to render correctly and function properly during usage time spent online browsing websites either from desktop computers or mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones running different operating systems and software versions currently available on today’s market worldwide.

Protection Of The Collected Data

At, we take the security and protection of our customers’ data very seriously. That’s why we have implemented the latest technologies and software available to ensure that all collected data is kept safe from any unauthorized access, theft or disclosure. We have also limited access to personal information to only those employees, agents, contractors, and third parties who have a valid business purpose for doing so. All our servers are securely encrypted as well, giving our users complete peace of mind that their data is protected with us.

We understand the importance of keeping your personal data secure and confidential at all times which is why we are constantly striving towards making sure that all processes related to collecting and storing customer information are conducted with utmost care and attention. As such, we employ strict procedures which are regularly monitored and updated in order to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability when it comes to protecting your personal details. Furthermore, any changes made in regards to collecting or processing user data must be approved by a senior manager before being implemented in order to safeguard all customers’ security rights without fail!

How Long Do We Store Your Data

Moreover, we have put into place a clear policy regarding how long we store personal data. This means that any information collected from our customers will be retained only for as long as necessary for the purpose of collection according to the terms laid out in this Privacy Policy. This is done in order to guarantee the safety of your data while still allowing us to provide you with an enjoyable gaming experience.

Links To Other Websites

Additionally, when using mindepositcasinos it is essential that all users exercise responsibility when it comes to their own data protection. That’s why we want our customers to be aware of our links policy – if you click on any external links from our site, always make sure to read the privacy policy of the destination website before continuing further. Doing so will ensure that you are always taking appropriate measures when it comes to safeguarding your personal information online!

Usage Purpose Of Collected Data

We take all necessary steps to ensure that any personal data you provide us with is collected, stored, and used in accordance with applicable privacy laws. Here are the main ways we use your data:

  1. To deliver or improve the services we offer on our website. This includes analyzing and following the data to better understand the online activity of our users and determining the usefulness or popularity of particular content. We track user activities such as page visits and time spent on each page, as well as links clicked and forms filled out. This allows us to tailor our services in order to deliver more relevant content, while also improving overall user experience.
  2. To answer any questions you may have about our products or services, as well as respond to any request for information. We prioritize customer service and try our best to take into consideration every question that comes our way, making sure each query is answered promptly by one of our professional staff members.
  3. To help us develop new products and services that we offer on our website. We constantly strive towards offering innovative solutions tailored specifically for different types of users, whether it be businesses or individual customers alike. To do this, we need to collect various types of data from those who visit our site in order to create new features that will serve your needs better.
  4. To communicate with you about news, products, services, events, promotions, contests, and other things that may be interesting for you. We regularly send out communication materials via email newsletter or other mediums such as social media channels aiming at keeping you informed about the latest news concerning our organization’s offerings or related industry updates which may affect your business operations one way or another.
  5. To track trends related to our website’s usage and events and analyze them in order to understand user behavior on our platform better. By studying how people interact with our site – be it through clicks or scrolls – we can identify patterns from which actionable user insights can then be derived so that we can make further improvements based upon them in order to maximize convenience for all parties involved in using the platform’s services on a regular basis.
  6. Finally, we may also collect and process personal data from users in order to detect fraudulent transactions or unauthorized activities that infringe upon their rights or property of ours or those belonging to our affiliates within US borders according to applicable privacy laws governing such activities Such actions help protect every individual’s financial wellbeing while maintaining a safe environment for all transactions made through secure payment systems provided by trusted third-party processors when utilizing their respective payment solutions associated with applicable transactions taking place on the site itself.

Contact Us

Finally, should you ever need assistance with anything related to our Privacy Policy or have any further questions regarding how we collect, store and use your information – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Our dedicated team of professionals is always available should you require assistance or guidance on any matters related to the security of your data whether it is consulting legal documents pertaining to specific sections from policy documents containing key definitions which explain different terms used.