Advertiser Disclosure

MindepositCasinos is committed to providing users with the latest, most up-to-date information in relation to online gambling and casino entertainment. To help us do so, we have established various partnerships, sponsorships, and advertorial collaborations, allowing us to meet our target audience.

However, it is important for our users to understand that these partnerships, sponsorships, and advertorial content in no way influence the information or content we provide. Our first priority has always been and will continue to be keeping our users informed, satisfied, and engaged with the site. Without our loyal and dedicated readers visiting us daily, there would be no MindepositCasinos.

How do we make money?

For this reason, we take great lengths to ensure that we remain independent from external influences while maintaining high editorial standards at all times. This guarantees that all the information available on MindepositCasinos is unbiased and presents only the facts.

With this in mind, let’s look at some of the partnerships MindepositCasinos engages in when creating content:

Affiliate links: When you visit any article on our website about an online casino topic, you will find a list of various online casinos. We have established an affiliate agreement with some of these highlighted casinos which mean that when a user signs up for an online casino using our affiliate link, we receive a commission for it. The terms and conditions of these agreements vary but the main point here is that we get paid.

Comparison lists: You may also see a comparison table or list featuring different online casinos within an article on our website. These providers are chosen based on how closely they match user search queries – for example if someone searches for “online casino sites accepting Bitcoin” then only those with Bitcoin as one of their payment methods will be featured in the list displayed on our site. However, this doesn’t mean that those with poor reviews or ratings appear higher than others; instead, it signifies that advertisers who pay us stand out more prominently than others who don’t yet have advertising agreements in place with us.

Position sales on tables: As well as featuring links to online casinos which pay commission via affiliate links; we also sometimes sell specific positions within these tables or lists to preselected advertisers who pay a fixed commission. These positions are highlighted as “sponsored”.