Minimum Deposit Casinos For Canadian Players

Going online is one of the most popular ways of having fun. Someone earns good money like this, someone simply has fun, not hoping to get an enormous jackpot. In any case, the excitement of the risk is involved. For some people, it is the best opportunity ever to play some games in the evening after having a difficult day at work. And for Canadians we have got great news – it is legal to enter and play in casinos operating online. You even have got your own regulator that is in charge to control all activities to make sure gamblers have an opportunity to conduct a fair game.

If you want to entertain at such websites without fear of losing large amounts of money, we recommend choosing trusted casinos allowing you to put even small sums of funds.

Top Low Deposit Casinos For Canadians

€/$500 + 200 Free Spins BONUS
5.0 rating
Tangiers Casino
550% UP TO $4,750
4.3 rating
Jackpot City
4.5 rating
5.0 rating
$1000 + 1000 FREE SPINS
4.5 rating
Neon Vegas Casino
500% UP TO $500
4.0 rating
Spin Samurai
$2000 + 100 FREE SPINS
4.8 rating
Casino Rocket
100% UP TO €500 + 50 FREE SPINS
4.5 rating
$500 + 600 FREE SPINS
4.3 rating
Slot Hunter
$500 + 200 FREE SPINS
4.3 rating

So How Can You Make Your The Very First Minimum Deposit?

So for starting your game up, you should top up your account. This can be done easily. Having a preferable sum of a deposit in mind, go to the lists with high – rated low minimum deposit casinos to pick up the one you find most exciting. On the site, click pay and make a money transfer. Then get your bonus and bingo – you are all set up to conquer the world of gambling!

$20 Minimum Deposit Casinos Canada

A person who is just beginning their acquaintance with the fascinating world of gambling and betting does not dare to immediately make big bets. We offer you the best websites with the most engaging games where everyone can start with small sums. We believe that any $20 minimum deposit casino in Canada has got lots of profitable opportunities for you. This is the most popular sum for the first topping up. Players are to choose from the biggest table with places welcoming for a play, different methods to send money. The last one is extremely vital because you have a higher chance to find the one you need.

$10 Minimum Deposit Casinos Canada

Why is it profitable to go that way? It’s very simple: even with a small amount of money in your account, you can have fun, and if fortune smiles to you that evening, you can increase your income several times. All the places put into the table have got licenses. This means that every Canadian online casino with $10 is checked for honesty and does not use various methods of deceiving visitors. In other words, the amount of winnings you can receive depends only on your luck and nice strategies.

$5 Minimum Deposit Casinos Canada

Going with a small budget, you can quickly increase your capital if the choice falls on the right game. Such places start giving out winning combinations almost immediately, allowing players to quickly recoup the incurred costs. But you should be keeping in mind the idea that if you lower the amount of a first transfer, you receive fewer benefits, such as a smaller amount of places, bonuses, and kinds of entertainment. But you still can roll high having the right attitude towards gambling and making the right plan at any $5 minimum deposit casino Canada from the list.

$1 Minimum Deposit Casinos Canada

Many people, for example, prefer to enter websites with the most minimal amount possible, considering it the most rational and economical. Well, it is a kind of interesting experience to spin a wheel investing only several cents. Some people even get to win a jackpot! This strategy has proven itself well, but it shows all its positive qualities as much as possible only if you choose the right $1 deposit casino in Canada. The goal of every player is to make as much money as they only can. But for you, it must not be a secret that gamblers receive payouts, the amount of which directly depends on the bets. So we recommend going higher to get more money.

Best Bonuses in Minimum Deposit Online Casinos

All places that are interested in their users constantly update promotions for them. In most of the cases the bonus programs available to all players are standard and include the next types:

  • No Deposit bonuses for registration, they are issued even if the account’s balance is zero, and can be rewarded in a form of various types: free spins, cashback, and others;
  • Gifts for completing the very first transaction;
  • Promotions for adding extra funds to your account — large bets from the start of the game, will bring an increase of several times at once;
  • Refund — there is a function of a partial refund of money spent on your balance.

The reward is sent to a special account, and after the player wins back the set amount in the virtual place, it is credited to the account that consists of real funds.

You have to be attentive while going, let’s say to a $5 minimum deposit casino because every website has got its own rules for getting those gifts and various types of bonuses itself. So study them in advance before making the very first transfer.

Payment Methods for Minimum Deposit Casinos Canada

The next even more important factor you should be attentive to is available ways for conducting transfers. It is important to study this topic in advance, especially if you are a newcomer in the world of online entertainment because it can be confusing at first. Mostly, such websites support all payment systems that are available and convenient for a modern client.

You can top up your account using electronic money, bank cards, and other methods. Every casino provides a full list of means that can be used in the “Payment Methods” section. Instant withdrawal of funds at the end of the game is carried out through your account, where you can choose convenient options as well. You must specify the amount you want to withdraw and then after completing all the steps, the website processes the application as soon as possible.

Making all these decisions, you should be attentive to the details such as commissions that are added to the sum (they can be both from the website and the system), additional costs or the opposite – bonuses, the minimum sum that can be sent, terms of transfers and deadlines when the money reach an account or a bank card.

And keep in mind, that even the smallest $5 deposit casinos will require registration from you to identify you among other users.


Did you know that one of the main problems for users was the fear of having to use their credit cards to make transactions? As we know, the risks of fraud and other hacking of personal data are still, unfortunately, present today on the Internet. Fortunately, new payment solutions so-called “alternatives” have come to the rescue of the most fearful Canadian internet users, in search of new security guarantees.

It is now quite possible to send funds to a minimum deposit online casino, and also to withdraw the winnings by using a regular credit card. The system connects your account with a bank that you use most safely. Forget the stressful time of disclosing your card numbers and other sensitive banking data, the best online casinos on the market today offer players the opportunity to make extremely secure and suitable bank transfers – by using iDebit, it is extremely popular among gambling sites in Canada.


And when we talk about adapted and secure services for a low deposit casino, we think of online casinos offering payment tools 100% “made in Canada” designed to meet your needs very accurately – a way to make transactions perfectly intuitive and reliable. Instadebit is a highly recommended way to transfer funds to an account in Canada.

Launched in 2002 in the Canadian market, Instadebit is a secure virtual payment solution. A real intermediary between your Canadian bank account on the one hand and the website on which you need to make a payment, this digital protector ensures simple and secure financial transactions, not requiring the transmission of personal data (except when creating your account).


It is highly recommended and used in Canada, Interac is an extremely reliable and convenient solution ensuring extreme security during every payment transaction on the internet.

Present in the market since 1984, Interac and its wide variety of banking solutions quickly became a role model among banks, credit unions, payment processing, service providers, and individuals. Recognized at the beginning by its famous debit card, the company has over the years modernized and diversified its products and services to enable extremely secure finance management – physical or virtual.

It is also important to report that Interac Corp has one of the lowest fraud rates on an international scale: it is certainly for this reason that this payment option is chosen “16 million times a day” in Canada.


No fees, even more, attractive bonuses, and unique games. No wonder the world of Bitcoin casinos has been getting more and more wind in recent years! Yet many gamers still don’t know what this concept is all about, and what attracts users so much to it.

The purpose of Bitcoin is that it exists only in the virtual space. It is not tied to any banking organization or the state. It has its price, which depends on demand. Blockchain technology makes it possible to keep an open record of data, maintaining the anonymity of the transactions. It is just a digital code that has no physical realization. Virtual tokens cannot be counterfeited as the blockchain registry is protected from any changes.

In the cases when you see the opportunity of topping up your account in a $1 minimum deposit mobile casino by using cryptocurrencies, try to not lose it as it’s simple and reliable.

Top Canadian Minimum Deposit Casino Reviews

In short, the places we put into recommendations, offer you the most simplified, premium playing conditions. And all the advantages will be available to you in full, even with the smallest sums. And now we would like to show up the ones that our team of professionals ranked with the highest score.

Spin Casino

With even the smallest amount, gamblers can play at this club’s games with getting the biggest enjoyment. Even the simplest machines here are quite effective and profitable. The technologies of this popular website are known for their high quality, honest algorithms, and frequent loss of high-paying combinations of symbols. It should be noted that in this $10 minimum deposit casino in Canada you are welcomed to play with the smallest bets ever possible. And the best part is a reward of a $1000 Welcome bonus. In case you have problems – their support is eager to help you figure out any case.


Before starting the game in this $10 minimum deposit casino you better look at all the benefits it has. It is a relatively new place so it was created using the most modern technologies and software. Gamblers can set any number of bets from the wide range offered, based on the financial capabilities. Mostly, new players, as well as those who can’t afford to spend a lot of funds on playing in a casino, most often decide to play for minimum bets. You can top up the account using Skrill, Neteller, Visa or MasterCard. Also, there are lots of new kinds of entertainment available. To find out which one you like, you need to read the description of the selected one before setting up and playing.

Lucky Nugget Casino

This website has got the love and attention of lots of gamblers around the globe and especially in Canada. The best opportunity they offer is a game with the smallest bets. This 5 dollar minimum deposit casino includes the best games every player wants to see – they are fast, modern, technically optimized for all kinds of devices, and have high payouts. What else could you dream about? By the way, their support works round a clock, it is responsive and ready to help with any problems. You can send funds to your account using a bank card, e-wallets, Instadebit, Echeck, and even direct bank transfers.

Pros and Cons of minimum deposit casinos in Canada


This type of betting has got lots of fans due to lots of reasons.

  • First of all, you can try to play on the website without risking lots of funds – especially for those, who are newcomers and don’t have any experience regarding the gambling world.
  • You can win a large amount or a jackpot by putting even the smallest sums. Is not it great? By putting only 1 dollar in a minimum deposit casino you have a chance to roll high and get lots of cash and have fun at the same time.
  • Try playing a popular game that you have heard a lot about but never got a chance to see in your eyes.
  • Get control over your expenses because it is easier to count small amounts.


You read about the benefits and may say to yourself: Yes, bingo! That’s what I want. But do not hurry! There are some points that you should consider in advance.

  • First of all, the number of places offering to play with such low amounts is limited so you have fewer options.
  • What’s next, the lower is an amount of a transfer, the fewer ways to send the funds are offered because not every place is ready work with it or some systems may charge commission that is bigger than the deposit itself.
  • And, in some games, you need to deposit bigger sums so there is a limited number of kinds of entertainment which can be played with a minimum bet.

The best games available for a play

It’s not a secret that a casino is usually judged by the quality of its entertainment. Here we want to mention the most popular games users look for when going to such places.

Low Stakes Roulette

If you are determined to play for the money, first you need to choose the right one. And the best way to do this is to play for free. Open a particular game, see how often the prize combinations fall out, and what additional opportunities there are to increase your winnings. Also, try not to take a serious risk immediately after registration. Remember that fortune smiles only on persistent and reasonable players who know what they want to achieve!

Budget Blackjack

The catalogs of virtual casinos offer a huge range of games, but the most popular one is remaining to be blackjack which can be played both for free and for money. Following the second way, gamblers can choose the amount that they are willing to spend on the game. Your budget may even be symbolically small – with the right decision made on a game, this amount is enough to play and hit more than one jackpot.

Minimum Bet slots

Any casino has a huge number of them. All they differ in their characteristics. So, some have no more than nine active lines, while others may have one hundred or more. The simplest three-reel fruit-themed slots bring a good income, but you can win much more if you choose five-or six-reel gambling machines. All these slots are available both in paid and demo mode on the website. Play them at any time without registration or transferring funds to your account.